Southern Greenland – Narsarsuaq to Nanortalik

Travelling around Greenland leaves few options. In the summer, you can take a boat if there’s a service that stops in the right places. In the winter, you can take a dog sled to somewhere nearby. And, in decent weather, there’s the option to fly. Many settlements are well serviced by Air Greenland’s small propeller planes or by helicopter.

Narsarsuaq is the main hub in the south, with regular flights from Reykjavik and Nuuk. From there, the options are quite limited for onward travel and in our case it meant taking a helicopter to get to Nanortalik.

Although it can seat more, we ended up having the morning flight to ourselves – Eva on one side of the helicopter and me on the other. The short flight provided us with very different views. Eva had the huge, jagged peaks looking over to the ice cap. I had rolling hills which looked like Scotland to start with and became stunning mountains towards the end of the journey.

This is a short clip of the scenery (from my side) on our flight to Nanortalik.

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