Madeira, Portugal

After returning from a challenging trek across the Namib desert, I travelled back to the UK and made my way across London from Heathrow to Standsted. My other half was on her way back from a trip to Canada, and had arranged a surprise week away for us both. I knew we were going overseas but didn’t know the destination, and was under instructions to be at Stansted after getting back from the desert. Where we were going to had successfully been kept secret from me for months.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I had this massive misconception about Madeira. For some reason, admittedly knowing very little about it, I thought it was the kind of place inevitably featured on episodes of ITV’s “Brits Abroad”. I could not have been more wrong.

The scenery on the island is amongst the most incredible I have ever seen. At times we were high above the clouds walking amongst jagged-peaked mountains, or travelling around stunning coastline. It’s amazing that such a small island has this variety across its landscape.

Amongst plenty of pictures, I took a few videos from the trip and put them together into this clip. It attempts to capture the stunning views from Madeira, certainly as best I can.

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