Walking Scotland – Thurso

After a fantastic lie in and great breakfast this morning, it was time to hit the trail again. This time I started with a lovely walk along Dunnet Bay beach, where the golden sand and blue sky wouldn’t have looked out of place in Hawaii. Dunnet Head was also visible for a good part of the walk before I left the mainland’s most northerly point behind.

Unfortunately much of the rest of the route wasn’t a particularly scenic. What’s more, once I was away from the sea, the welcome breeze stopped and I was feeling the heat. It probably didn’t even reach 20C but with still air it felt hot. And that meant the short 8.3 mile walk today was more about just getting through it rather than enjoying it.

Part of the route was alongside one of the busier roads in the area. I say busy – it’s all relative – but it meant my pace was interrupted by passing cars every so often, and, more annoyingly, by those monstrous camper vans that whizzed by. I don’t really trust many people behind the wheel of a vehicle, but trust drivers of those even less.

Arriving in Thurso, I had a look around the village, spent a bit of time at the beach, and stocked up on blister plasters to help my already aching feet. The lack of scenery en route meant far fewer photos from the day, but that will change very soon.

It’s currently beautiful in Thurso. On a normal trip I’d head out for dinner, maybe a beer or two, stay out for the sunset and then head to bed. But it’ll be an early one tonight – there’s a lot of walking to do tomorrow.


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