Walking Scotland – John O’Groats

I’ve spent plenty of time abroad both with work and on my travels over the past few years, and it has meant I’ve seen less of Scotland that I’d like. So with a bit of time off work ahead and my bag packed, I have set off for the Highlands to spend a bit of time in the great outdoors.

Getting to the North Coast takes a bit of time. Day 1 was an early train from Glasgow to Inverness with some wonderful scenery backed by bright blue sky, and then after a long wait in Inverness, it was the Kirkwall shuttle bus up to John O’Groats.

John O’Groats is a popular stop-off point for a lot of trips, be it exploring the Highlands, the NC500, a ferry to Orkney, or a longer treck to Lands End, it welcomes visitors from all over.


I had an evening here and after dropping off my bag in my accommodation, I set off for Duncansby Head – the most north-easterly point on the British mainland. A little further around the coast are the Duncansby sea stacks, which are relentlessly battered by the sea and fantastic, dramatic scenery.

The walk back to town was around the north coast, past countless sheep, and a couple of beautiful white-sand beaches before stopping off for some food. There’s more walking tomorrow so it will be an early night ahead.


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