Washington DC, USA

On my first visit to Washington DC, I arrived on the train from Philadelphia as a snow storm was starting. The city advised residents to go home and not travel unless necessary and as I wandered the city and the National Mall, it felt like I had the entire place to myself.

On this trip, my overnight train from Atlanta rocked up (predictably late) into Washington Union Station and I set off. It was sunny, warm, and busy. Far different from last time.

This was an overnight trip to DC with the intention of catching up with a friend from university in the evening, and I was content spending much of the day around the National Mall.

Being rammed with museums and memorials, it is easy to spend a lot of time in just this area of the city. From the Capitol building to the Lincoln memorial, the blocks are lined with some of the best museums around, including a newer addition in the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The memorials are tasteful and just really well done. My favourite, the Lincoln memorial, has the former president eternally staring at the Capitol building, keeping an eye on what’s going on with a pose that looks like he’s about to get up and get back to work.

With my own return to work growing ever nearer, bringing a three-month trip to an end, I was still feeling a bit “touristed out” and ended up taking fewer photos, perhaps doing a bit less than I could have on a pleasant day in DC.

The evening came and a visit to the outstanding Churchkey was the order of the night. The next morning, heading back to Union Station, I was on the final leg of my trip.


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