Dresden, Germany

The walk from Dresden Hbf to the older area of the city passes through a reconstructed retail district. It could be any western city and much like Hannover it doesn’t provide anything distinctive or particularly memorable. Also like Hannover, the history of Dresden during WWII is such that large-scale reconstruction had to take place.


Continuing past this area and it’s an entirely different city.

The older parts of Dresden includes some stunning older buildings which were saved and redeveloped in the post-war period. The area around Frauenkirche is a buzzing area up there with the best of those in Northern Europe. It has a mix of bars, a range of restaurants and is a bit of a hub for tourists visiting.

Continuing further and crossing the Elbe shows a more modern area again and in this case one which has a more laid back and, dare I say, hipster style to it.

I had two nights in Dresden in July and it somewhat unfortunately coincided with the first bad weather of the trip, with storms covering most of the western parts of Germany. Grey skies do not make for as interesting photos. For shelter and sleep, I had a fantastic, small-but-cosy Airbnb around a five minute walk from Frauenkirche and in amongst an area with plenty of restaurants to choose from.

A lot of my time in Dresden was spent wandering around the older area of the city, amongst the buildings which line the Elbe including some of the fortified areas from an age ago. Not far from here is the fantastic, intricate Zwinger with some of the most detailed architecture I’ve seen anywhere.

Poor weather on day two in Dresden meant a trip to the zoo. I’m always torn on zoos but when there’s one which seems to be as well-run as Dresden, including with animals that appear active and happy, then it’s worth a visit.

The two days of rain I saw in Dresden is the only two consecutive days of rain I saw in three months. Coming from Glasgow that’s really quite something.

Next step: Poland!

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