Quedlinburg, Germany

I am a fan of medieval European towns. The likes of Tallinn, Bruges, Gamlastan in Stockholm, York, Gdańsk, Bath and others are like a trip back in time. But the little town of Quedlinburg in Germany tops the lot.

On this trip I had planned for a reasonable amount of time in Germany, mainly to visit Heidelberg but continuing east I had to stop off in Quedlinburg, even if only for a couple of nights.

Surviving war intact, Quedlinburg is a hidden gem. It doesn’t seem to attract much in the way of tourism from outside of Germany. The 10th century castle overlooks the medieval market town of just 24,000 people with stunning, unspoiled quiet residential streets and a market square which still remains the focus for the town.


While some other cities have managed to preserve certain historical areas, every street and alley in Quedlinburg provides another great view, even the run-of-the-mill residential streets. When the sun goes down and the street lights come on, many parts of the town look like they’re from a film set. It’s picture perfect.


Quedlinburg is the only place I’ve visited in Germany so far where I felt like a tourist. While there is a tourist industry in the town, it seems to be mostly German people. The castle museum was almost entirely in German, as were the menus in some places I stopped at for food or drinks.

Using public transport, Quedlinburg perhaps isn’t the easiest place to get to. But even in a country with so many unspoiled, stunning towns like this, it’s worth the effort and might be the best of the bunch.


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