Glasgow to Hull, UK

More interesting than it sounds and the start of something bigger. Read on… 

In July 2016 I jumped on a train at Glasgow Central with the intention of seeing how far I could get without flying and I had three months to do it. The train was the 0900 Cross Country service bound for Penzance and I had a ticket to take me as far as York.

The route is a familiar one. From 2007 to 2009 I spent most weeks commuting between Glasgow and York for work. The view between Edinburgh and Berwick is a scenic one and it’s s relaxing journey. Switching off on trains and watching the world go by comes easily.

The journey wasn’t on a whim and the time off work had been agreed months in advance. A number of years ago my family went through an incredibly difficult period and recently I had been looking to do something big on my own to gain a degree of closure on this. It’s certainly not a case of “getting over it” – that doesn’t happen. Instead was about getting away to do something that had been on my mind for a long time with little-to-no pressure or expectations. Something bigger than a typical trip.

With a small bag packed, I wasted no time in getting going, to the extent that the hangover from work “leaving” drinks was still in full swing when I boarded the morning train at Glasgow Central.

York wasn’t a lengthy stop. It’s such a nice city and feels quite different when visiting for pleasure rather than work. I wandered around some parts of the town then stopped at the Whippet for lunch before moving on to Hull. All of the best trips include “I’m going to Hull!” at some point, don’t they? Don’t they??!

Excluding the old ferry to the Isle of Skye, which takes only a few minutes, I think the last ferry journey I was on was around 25 years ago to get to France. So with the excitement of something “new”, the joy of the first night of a lengthy period of travel ahead and the great evening weather, I boarded the ferry at Hull and said goodbye to the UK.

Next stop: Belgium.


Bruges, Belgium >>>

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