Narvik, Norway

The location of Narvik makes it a tempting spot for hiking and to catch the Northern Lights but my visit was a stop-off on my way to Tromsø. I wanted to get to Tromsø without flying, which meant the lengthy train on the Iron Ore line from Luleå, via Kiruna, to Narvik. And then a bus north to Tromsø. Certain rail lines through Siberia mean Narvik isn’t the most northerly station but it isn’t far off.

The town is there because the jet stream means it has a bay which doesn’t freeze over, even in winter. Which, in turn, has made it an important place for industrial reasons, resulting in the Iron Ore rail line between Sweden and Narvik.

This was my first trip inside the Arctic Circle, passed just south of Kiruna. The plan for my stop was dinner and a beer at night and to spend the morning walking out towards a nearby fjord in the hope of a decent view. I almost managed this…

The morning weather was terrible, foggy and threatening rain, which made it difficult to get a decent view. Despite that it was tempting to continue walking and walking to see more of the scenery.

Narvik is a very quiet little place and doesn’t appear to attract much in the way of tourism. As a stop off on the way to Tromsø it was perfect, just what I needed, and the scenery is spectacular. It’s worth the train ride from Kiruna alone because the view after crossing the border into Norway is incredible.



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