Bergen, Norway

Scandinavian countries are often labelled as expensive, especially for drinking and dining out. After many trips into Sweden and Denmark, I didn’t agree with this. Beer and food prices weren’t that far off UK prices (unless you only drink at Wetherspoons pubs). Oslo, too, seemed okay. Bergen, however, was ridiculous.

Food was expensive, hotels were pricey, but the beer prices really ripped the piss. Annoyingly I found a couple of pubs with a fantastic selection, and it was raining heavily outside, so my credit card took a hammering.

Bergen is an atmospheric city with great scenery and only a short trip away from the must-see Gudvangen and Flåm. The seafood market is a great stop for lunch (every day, in my case) and seems to be very busy each day.

The railway or walk takes you to Mount Fløyen with a view over Bergen. Or if you’re feeling like a proper hike, Ulriken has great views from the top.

I visited in May 2015, tying in with a trip to Oslo. The rail journey from Oslo is a long one but will likely be one of the most scenic rail trips you’ll ever take, reaching a snowy peak in Myrdal.

Bergen seems a perfect place for a long weekend to mix city and outdoors, great food and drink, plenty to see and do and fantastic scenery. Bergen, however, is the place where the “£10 beer” myth becomes reality.


Mount Fløyen

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