Boston, USA

I visited Boston, MA, in March 2015, just at the end of the worst winter to hit Boston. Ever.

New businesses popped up, charging a premium to melt snow from rooftops with heat blasters, and farmers made extra cash by accepting tons of ploughed snow in their fields since there was nowhere else for it to go. Boston Common had three feet of solid snow on top of which people were walking their dogs, and folks were casually crossing the Charles River by foot.

The ploughed snow on the some streets sat eight feet high with canyons cut through it to allow people to use the side walks. Despite all of this, the city seemed to be operating as normal. Chinese festival celebrations continued and businesses were open.

I missed the falling snow so had blue sky to go with the -16°C. It provided an additional challenge to the excellent Freedom Trail, where I had to guess the route at times due to the bricked path being below snow and ice. Incidentally, the Old Corner Bookstore is now a Chipotle and should really be removed from the trail. That aside, it’s a fantastic idea and a great way to see a lot of Boston along the route.

The weather made this a unique trip and added something to my few days in Boston. The city lacks something that other big US cities (New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco) have. It feels… gritty. But still a must see.

Boston by day

Boston by night

Chinese festival

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