Białystok, Poland

Following a less-than-happy trip to Kaunas, I was looking to make my way to Gdańsk in Poland. The Russian exclave of Kalinigrad, which I would love to visit but is quite tough to get into, means sticking by the Baltic coast from Lithuania to Poland isn’t an option. The most efficient(?) option, giving I wasn’t flying, was traveling via Białystok.

Białystok, being the largest city before Belarus, is effectively the border of the EU. My time there was only a few hours – arriving late at night and leaving on a 5.30am train the following morning but I was keen to see something.

With that in mind, my entire experience of Białystok was seeing a couple of churches, the main square and Branicki Palace, before settling down for dinner and a pint at one of the few places open (a British pub #sadface).

Białystok looks nice. This wasn’t simply the post-Kaunas joy. It looks like a pleasant city to spend a bit of time. The initial welcome of the bus stop near the deserted train station next to closed-but-still-neon-lit portacabin style shops didn’t feel great, and neither the quiet walk into town late at night, but it quickly changes.

Białystok by night


Slow. No working WiFi. But first class (pictured) was around £5 for a six-hour journey.



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