Luleå, Sweden

Luleå is 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, at the tip of the Baltic Sea and at the southern end of the Iron Ore line running through Swedish Lapland to Narvik in Norway.

It would be nice to write something really interesting about Luleå, or something the town is famous for, but I’m struggling. It’s just a quiet, picturesque town which is a very pleasant place to spend a bit of time. And it’s easy to escape the town, by car or on foot, to get into the countryside for a wander.

Given its location, I was hoping that there would be a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis from Luleå. On my last night, after the BC Luleå vs Sodertalje basketball game, it was time for a quick beer then bed. But… the Aurora activity site showed there was a decent chance of something happening over the town, and it was a clear night.

Tripod and camera at the ready, I went to a duck pond just on the edge of town which was far enough from street lights to get a chance at a sighting.

Aurora photos online are the stunning shots of green and red spikes, and waves over the Arctic scenery. I didn’t see anything like that, but after a few seconds I could see a faint wave snaking across the sky. It takes time to see it properly, especially with the bright lights of Luleå across the water. But at the first attempt, and for my first time photographing the aurora, it looked pretty good.



Northern Lights over Luleå


Down by the beach


Out and about


Leaving Luleå

Taking the train into the Arctic Circle.


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