Toronto, Canada

“Why are you going to Centre?”

My first visit to Canada for many years was a trip to Toronto in October 2014. One thing I was particularly keen to try was getting a decent skyline shot in the evening, but the weather was doing its best to stop that from happening.

The final evening looked like the best for an attempt at a skyline photo and to put the new Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens to the test. Lake Ontario has a few islands a short ferry ride from the city, and Centre Island has the perfect spot for the view I wanted. It turns out a Thursday evening in mid-October isn’t the most touristy time, and ferries were every 90 minutes.

The ticket salesman was straight to the point: “Why are you going to Centre? There’s nothing open.”

He was right.

Everyone else on the ferry disembarked on the first stop at Ward’s Island leaving me as the sole person on Centre Island, (voluntarily) abandoned for an hour and a half as it was starting to get dark on an island with, as I had been told, nothing open.

I picked a spot, cursed the ducks fighting in the corner of the shot for ruining the photo and waited for the sun to set properly.

The weather still wasn’t great, it was cloudy, but as a fan of skyline photos, I almost got what I was hoping for from this.

Toronto skyline


On the way back I stopped at Bar Hop for a beer and parked myself at the only spare seat at the bar. The chap next to me was talking to the barman, he mentioned he’s visiting from DC and was looking for local beer recommendations. I was looking for DC recommendations for a future trip so said hello, and it turns out we worked for the same company. It does feel like a small world at times.

The CN Tower

There is a bizarre sensation at the top of the CN Tower. The viewing area has a glass floor which, seemingly, can hold over 20,000kg. Rational thought concludes it’s perfectly safe. However, when walking towards it, despite knowing it’s perfectly safe and feeling fine about the thought of standing on it and looking down, my legs were fighting against walking on it.


Distillery District

Toronto Aquarium

Out and about




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