Washington DC, USA

I had Washington DC all to myself for an evening.

At least it felt that way. I arrived at Union Station as the snow started to fall. It was in the middle of awful weather which had hit the North East USA during February and March 2015. Only a few inches fell on DC that evening but this was, reportedly, the worst the city had it for some time.

After a detour past Capitol Hill, I trudged through snow for many, many blocks to reach the hotel, check in and dump the bag. The city was already quiet, few people and fewer cars, with the advice seemingly for people to get home, stay home and only travel in an emergency. I took a walk.

I barely saw anyone for several block and the area around the National Mall was deserted (they may all have been at the Dupont Circle snowball fight). In hindsight, the walk between Jefferson and Lincoln through a few inches of snow just a couple of feet from the frozen tidal basin probably wasn’t sensible but I was enjoying seeing the place in absolute peace.

A few hours later, with the temperature around -12°C, with daylight well gone, with photos taken and hands numb, I was done. Taxi (I don’t know why but there was one waiting near the Lincoln memorial quite late on but was glad to see it) and hotel – finished.

The following day was blue sky, snow still on the ground, sunshine and people everywhere. Perfect for a walk through Arlington, back to the Mall and a few museums, including seeing the Declaration of Independence (National Treasure is simplified, security is tight).

Abraham Lincoln memorial

This is one of my favourites. It’s imposing, the wording is great and Lincoln is eternally staring straight at the Capitol building, with a pose which looks like he’s itching to get back to work.

Thomas Jefferson memorial

Another memorial which is brilliantly done. Jefferson is on the south side of the Mall and is always keeping an eye on the White House.

Washington DC


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